Glen Myers           
17th Air Cavlary
Glen was drafted 2/17/70, went through basic training  at Fort Polk in Louisana and then on to Vietnam where he served as a courrier, scout and sometimes doorgunner assigned to HeadQuarters Troop, 3/17th Air Cavalry. He was stationed in Phu Loi (not too far from Cambodia) in the III Corp region. The 17th Air Cav flew missions all over - some missions into Cambodia (west), and as far as Vung Tau (east), near the South China Sea, and in the Delta area.  He made the rank of Seargent during his 15 months "in country" and separated from the Army 9/20/71. He was honorably discharged 2/1/76.
Glen flew some missions with Bravo Troop and they gave him this patch.
    Air Medal
1st Aviation Brigade
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Vietnam Service Medal
HHQ 3/17th Air Cavalry
Army Commendation Medal