Goldstar Mom - Dorothy Schafernocker
Dorothy Schafernocker lost her son, Michael, on April 28th, 1969 when his  helicopter was shot down over Cambodia in the "Plain of Reeds." Michael was 20 yrs. & 2 mo. old. 10 months later his remains were returned to Texas. Dorothy bought her son a burial plot for his 21st birthday. 20 yrs later she learned how her son died and the name of the North Vietnamese sokdier who killed him.

The following is from the (now) declassified official report:  28 Apr   Seawolf 305 and
320 of HA(L)-3, Dot Three, were a Light Helicopter Fire Team on surveillance patrol. The fire team received a target assignment of 12 to 20 sampans in the vicinity of xs 1495, located 3 kilometers from the Cambodian border. During the attack the fire team flew across the border and were taken under heavy automatic weapons fire. The wing ship Seawolf 320, was hit in a vital spot and crashed in Cambodian territory. The pilot, LTJG Richard Reardon {still missing}, USNR, 7116637; the co-pilot, LTJG Lal C. Castle, USN, 7174241 and gunner AO2 Michael E. Schafernocker, USN, 871 62 40 were killed in the crash, and the crew chief, AN George Page, Jr., was seriously injured. The lead ship, Seawolf 305, was hit in the engine oil system and a forced landing was made at approximately xs153986, near the wreckage of 320. The crew of 305 established defensive positions and returned fire to the advancing enemy. LCDR James L. Keyes, the lead ship co-pilot, assumed command of the situation and was able to contact Outlaw 29, a UH-1D from the 175th Assault Company. ADJ1 Lloyd T. Williams exposed himself to great enemy fire in an attempt to rescue the crew of 320 and was able to save Page. After many courageous efforts to land, the Army Slick was finally able to pick up the survivors of both crews. As the helicopter was lifting in the air, LTJG Joseph F. Hart, USN, 705765, the lead ship pilot, was fatally wounded. The co-pilot, LCDR keyes, crew chief, ADJ1 Williams; and gunner AN Dennis R. Wiley received no injuries. The observer AN Charles Larsen was seriously injured by enemy fire. 
Michael Schafernocker
Born: Feb 28, 1949
Died: Apr 28, 1969
Dorothy touches her son's name on the "Wall" in this picture (made for her by Gary Oliver from Dallas, Tx.).
Dorothy's son - Michael
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