Museum News
Dorothy's, "Mamma Knocker's," Veteran's Picnic, Sat. Nov. 1st, 2003, was a huge success. There was a memorial service for her son, Michael Schafernocker,  as she recently received additional remains brought back by the Navy and CILHI (Central Identification Laboratory, Hawaii) some 34 years after he was K.I.A. in Vietnam (actually Cambodia), followed by her usual excellent picnic and fellowship. Part of our museum was on display (see Museum Setups 2003 for picturse.
Past Events
What's New in the Museum
We have some recent additions to the museum. First a huge, 6' x 22' painting, a timeline of WWII was donated by Vince Jarero. He also practically gave us several prints depicting WWII scenes, one of which is a B-24 flying over the Ploesti Oil Fields. That one is special to me as I recently learned that yet another of my great uncles was in WWII. My maternal grandmother's brother, Eddie, was a gunner on a B-17 in the ball turret. The ball turret hatch door did not open from the inside.. His plane was severely damaged over the Ploesti Oil Fields. He watched the crew bail out while he was stuck inside. Finally, the co-pilot let him out. The pilot told him not to jump out yet as he thought he could make it out of Germany. Uncle Eddie waited and the pilot managed to get them over the border into Yugoslavia before the plane went down. The pilot, co-pilot and Eddie bailed out over the mountains in Yugoslavia. Marshall Tito's (Tito later became president of Yugoslavia) partisans found them and marched them blindfolded for eight days over the mountains and into Italy and safety. They blindfolded them so that they could not identify the any of the partisans if they were caught.

Glen has been hard at work, as usual, building a frame for the above mentioned 22' painting. He has also been working to get our local schools involved in doing some artwork for the museum.

He will also be interviewing two crewmembers of the Franklin, an aircraft carrier attacked by Kamikazes during WWII.
Orangefield Elementary School Nov. 10 & 11, 2003 went well although we were dissappointed that the Jr. High and High School did not send their students next door to see the museum. One High School class did stop by in the morning. ?We did, however, have lots of Veterans and elementary students during the day and some students came back with their parents in the evening. See Museum Setups (2003) for pictures.
Uvalde, Tx. Nov. 2 - 6, 2006 was the best setup ever! The people of Uvalde were amazing, warm and welcoming. The support they showed was overwhelming. Special thanks to Nancy Feeley, Kay Brieden, and Ron Deacon and all the good folks who donated and/or loaned items for display in the museum.

Glen  built a trailor from scratch to haul the ever growing museum. He did have some help with the trailor frame from Neuman who owns A & N Trailors outside of Sour Lake. Neuman sold him parts at cost and spent a day and a half welding (at no charge) to help Glen get done in time to leave for Uvalde. Thanks Neuman!