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Upcoming events None currently; the museum was mostly destroyed by Hurricane Ike Sept 2008. We will try to rebuild as time and health permits.
Glen (museum creator) & Dianne
About the museum creator, Glen Myers:
Glen was born October 5, 1950 in Port
Arthur, Tx. He graduated from Bridge City High School in 1969 and was drafted in February, 1970. After training at Fort Polk, La. he went straight to Vietnam where he received further training to be a courier. He served in the 17th Air Cavalry as a courier, scout and door gunner, ataining the rank of sergeant during his 15 month tour of duty. He currently resides in Bridge City, Tx. where he continues to work on expanding the museum using mainly his own funds.
Important Note: The Veterans & Families Tribute Museum is not currently available to set up at various events due to above mentioned hurricane.
Please note new easier web address:
The Veterans Tribute Museum is a collection of personal items brought home from Vietnam and WWII, replicas, models, maps, pictures, stories, poems and other memorabilia from all of America's wars put together to help heal, honor and pay tribute to the 3,000,000 who served in Vietnam, the 58,000 + who died there (as well as those who died after returning home), the walking wounded still with us, their families and friends and all Veterans, and to educate the public with emphasis on teaching our school children about the sacrifices made by our veterans and their families throughout our country's history, the price they paid and the scars they will bear for the rest of their lives and the possibility that humankind may find the inner transformation necessary to find the way to peace.
      It was created by Glen Myers (Vietnam Veteran) in 2000 with assistance from Dianne Van Vorst, Glen's son, Travis, and a few others.

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Memorial candle in
rememberance of all
Sept 11. 2001 victims and for all  those who have died in war and all people living with the wounds of war.
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Go to Poetry & Stories for Flag poem and Ghost Poem
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